Your shirt, washed dried and ironed for only 50p*

Simply download the app and enter the details of your laundry. You will then connect with the local Cashares waiting to wash and iron your clothes. Collection and delivery can also be arranged.

*Introductory offer only, T&C's apply.

Get Started NowGet Started Now Available on Google Play and the App Store now.

Para tasarrufu sağlayan yerel çamaşırhane hizmetini seçin

£ Size en yakın çamaşırhaneyi bulmak için yerinizden ayrılmanıza gerek yok

£ Ülkenizde Washare hizmetini sunan kişi ile iletişime geçin

£ 50 peniden çamaşırlarınızı temizleyin

£ Onu da ütüleyin

£ Toplama ve teslimat ayarlama imkanı

£ Washare hizmeti her yerdedir.

£İster evde olun ister dışarıda, her zaman çamaşırlarınızı yıkayabilecek birini bulun.

£ Washare 7/24 hizmet sağlar

£ Kredi veya banka kartıyla ödeyin

£ Washare yüksek kaliteli hizmet sunar.

Washare nasıl çalışır?

Washare'e nasıl başlanır

  • Download the app from the App or Google Play store
  • Tap ‘Sign up’
  • Enter in your relevant details including email address etc
  • Hit ‘Create my account’
  • Enter the details of the laundry you want washing
  • Connect with local Cashares
  • Collection and delivery can be arranged
  • Pay online

Trust Washare to provide high-quality laundry services

Rekabetçi bir fiyat

With prices that are less than half the cost of a traditional laundrette, keep more money in your pocket for the same quality.

7/24 hizmet sağlar

Set up your order any time of day, no matter what day it is, and free yourself from laundrette opening and closing times.

Çok fazla seçenek

Choose from a dozen Cashares in your local area and eliminate long trips to the laundrette with delivery option available

Uygun olduğunuzda

Get your clothes washed wherever you are within the UK, regardless of whether you’re at home or travelling.

Available on Google Play and the App Store now.

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